Tenerife resident falls victim to online banking scam losing over €4,300

Tenerife resident falls victim to online banking scam losing over €4,300

The Guardia Civil are investigating a 21-year-old man from Granada, mainland Spain, who is accused of defrauding a resident of Santa Cruz in Tenerife out of more than €4,360 through an online scam.

The victim believed he was communicating with a bank advisor who attempting to resolve issues arising from a supposed hacking incident affecting his bank account.

According to the police, officers are scrutinising the young suspect, who has no prior criminal record, for his alleged involvement in an online fraud case targeting a resident of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The victim filed a report in May saying that they had received a text message from their bank on their mobile phone, alerting them to an unauthorised charge on their account. The message instructed them to click on a link, leading to the official website of their bank, and, subsequently, a person claiming to be a bank advisor informed them that their account had been hacked, along with other clients.

The supposed advisor also said that loans had been applied for in the victim's name, resulting in funds being deposited. To rectify the situation, the victim was advised to make several Bizum transfers to a specified phone number to repay the alleged amount.

Trusting the advice, the victim made twelve transfers, only to discover later that they had been deceived out of €4,360. Investigators in Santa Cruz de Tenerife traced the money to a bank account in Granada, prompting collaboration with the team on the mainland.

The agents in Granada identified the account holder and are now investigating him for fraud. The case highlights the importance of vigilance and caution in online interactions, particularly in response to unsolicited messages claiming to be from financial institutions. Authorities are urging the public to verify the authenticity of such communications and report any suspicious activities promptly.