Increased security checks at UK airports cause mayhem and long delays

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 11-06-2024
  • Travel
  • Photo Credit: X / @MarioNawfal
  • Video Credit: X / @MarioNawfal
Increased security checks at UK airports cause mayhem and long delays

In a surprising move, the UK has reintroduced the 100-millilitre limit for liquids in carry-on luggage at airports. This restriction, originally put in place in 2006, had been lifted in six regional airports thanks to the implementation of next-generation security control (NGSC) systems. However, the Department of Transport has decided to temporarily reimpose the limit.

Passengers travelling from Newcastle, Leeds Bradford, London City, Aberdeen, Southend, and Teesside airports will once again be subject to the 100 ml liquid restriction from Sunday (June 9th), but the signs and checks have been made stricter at all UK airports.

The Department of Transport has not provided detailed reasons for this decision, citing only the need to apply "improvements to the new control systems." It is also unclear how long this temporary measure will remain in place.

Passengers, who had grown accustomed to the convenience of travelling without liquid restrictions, expressed frustration at having to discard their liquids at security checkpoints. Airport authorities acknowledged the inconvenience to travellers but are complying strictly with the Department of Transport's directive.

The sudden change has sparked widespread dissatisfaction on social media, with many pointing out the extended wait times at security checkpoints. In some cases, security lines have stretched to delays of up to two to three hours.

Travellers have taken to social media showing the extent of the problem, with people even having to queue outside at Birmingham Airport due to extended security checks, as you can see in the video below.