Tickets for Ed Sheeran concert in Tenerife changing hands for over €1,000

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 21-06-2024
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: YouTube
Tickets for Ed Sheeran concert in Tenerife changing hands for over €1,000

As Santa Cruz gets ready to host one of the most anticipated events of the year in Tenerife, the Ed Sheeran concert, the issue of ticket resales has come to the forefront. Just over a week remains until the British artist takes the stage on June 29th at the CD Tenerife football stadium, performing for an audience of 35,000 people. Tickets, which sold out within an hour when they were released in November, are now being resold at exorbitant prices.

The announcement of Ed Sheeran's ‘+-=÷x’ Mathematics Tour stopping in Tenerife created a massive buzz across the island, and fans quickly snapped up tickets, leading to their immediate sell-out. As soon as the official tickets were gone, resale ads began appearing on various platforms with creative messages like "selling avocados with two free tickets to see Ed Sheeran in Tenerife." However, as the concert date approaches, these resale activities have intensified.

Resale Market Explodes in Final Week:

Whether legitimate sales or scams, platforms like Milanuncios are now flooded with ads selling these concert tickets at inflated prices ranging from €100 to as high as €800. Common ad phrases include "selling two pens with free concert tickets for €800" and "selling six photos of Ed Sheeran with six free tickets for €600."

Milanuncios alone hosts over 200 such posts, many of which were uploaded in the last few hours as sellers capitalise on the concert's imminent date.

Other resale platforms, such as Viagogo, show similar trends with ticket prices varying between €150 for standing tickets and up to €1,100 for premium seats in lower tiers. Official ticket prices, which sold out in November, ranged from €69 to €250.

Accommodation Prices Skyrocket:

In addition to ticket resales, travel and accommodation costs in Tenerife have surged. The expenses associated with travelling to and staying in Santa Cruz for the concert weekend have more than doubled compared to the previous weekend of June 22nd-23rd.

Currently, last-minute reservations in Santa Cruz are scarce, with most hotels and apartments fully booked. Available accommodations near the stadium are priced upwards of €250 per night, with some reaching €500 per night according to On Airbnb, room rentals start at €90 per night, with entire apartments listed between €250 and €500 per night.

As excitement builds for Ed Sheeran’s concert, the scramble for tickets and accommodation highlights the high demand and economic impact of such major events on local economies Fans still wanting to attend will need to navigate the inflated prices and limited availability carefully.