The largest film studios in Europe to be built in the south of Tenerife

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 08-06-2023
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: Kiss Media Group
The largest film studios in Europe to be built in the south of Tenerife

The Tenerife Cabildo are set to approve plans today, Thursday, for the construction of one of the largest television and film studios in Europe in Adeje, with 19 state-of-the-art studios, aquatic stages, large virtual spaces, and the latest post-production facilities, which will make the island a target for the movie industry for years to come.

The KISS Media Group has been working on the development of one of the largest audiovisual hubs in the world for several years, which will be called Imagine Green Studios (IGS). This project will mean that Tenerife will compete with London, Prague, Rome, and Berlin, the current cities that attract the majority of Hollywood blockbusters for filming, due to their size and capacity.

IGS will generate more than 15,000 direct and indirect jobs in its different phases of implementation, construction, and the subsequent development of its permanent function. This innovative project will complete the traditional audiovisual attraction of the Canary Islands, the landscape and climate of the eight islands, with a platform capable of covering the entire filming and production process from start to finish, at the level of excellence required by production companies these days.

The complex will cover more than 400,000 square metres with 19 sound stages equipped with all the latest technology to accommodate all the needs of film production. The hub will house workshops that can create the most avant-garde requirements and the most elaborate scenery.

Editors and producers will have more than 20 image and sound post-production rooms equipped with the latest technology in image and sound editing. The facilities include two spectacular special venues for aquatic and underwater filming.

The project will comply with all the standards of sustainability and environmental integration with the environment, with a construction that has respect for the environment as its main commitment, using 100% renewable energy sources.

The largest film studios in Europe to be built in the south of Tenerife

The Imagine Green Studios will contribute to the Canary Islands' strategy of diversifying its economy, responding to the unanimous demand of the Islands' society, economic and social agents, institutions, and groups, with the shared objective of increasing economic activities other than tourism.

The design of the studios has been developed by the American company Stone Creek, based in Los Angeles, one of the world's most qualified companies in projecting film sets and in compliance with environmental and quality standards.

The studios will be constructed in the Fañabé industrial estate in the municipality of Adeje which is an industrial area next to the TF-1 motorway. This is unprotected land that has already had Environmental studies carried out which didn’t find any protected fauna or flora on it.  The promoters are aiming for the project to be fully operational in 2025.