The benefits of visiting Spain during Shoulder Season

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 19-06-2024
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The benefits of visiting Spain during Shoulder Season

Have you heard of the term 'shoulder season'? If you have, then you know how great it can be to take a holiday during these times, and if you haven't, don't worry because this article has got you covered. The shoulder season means just before and just after the peak season, in other words, autumn or springtime.

Visiting between March and May, and again between September and November, is not only fantastic on account of the great accommodation deals you can get, but also due to the incredible beauty showcased by nature during these times.

The Ultimate in Weather:

There has been a recent shift in work life over the past few years, going from fixed offices to more remote work, and this has paved the way for people to have more freedom than ever to explore and see the world at their own pace.

Working shifts and schedules aside, a holiday is made enjoyable by environmental factors, too. Mid-summer can be sweltering in Spain and the level of humidity, average temperature and UV exposure rates in the shoulder seasons are significantly lower than in the peak summer months, ensuring that you'll go home with a fabulous glow instead of a terrible full-on burn.

There's little point in visiting incredibly beautiful and walkable cities like Valencia, Madrid or Barcelona, and then not being able to walk outside without the heat hitting you like a ton of bricks. The evenings in particular are comfortable, and you will see a mix of locals and tourists sipping drinks, playing on and just generally socializing and having a stellar time.

Cheaper Entry Tickets and Accommodation:

The summer months in the whole of Spain get pretty hot, particularly in Barcelona where the architecture and set-up of the city don't really cater to heat-averse travellers. A visit to Park Güell, a must-see in Barcelona, can be overwhelming in peak times, not least because of the possibility that you may be waiting around in lines for hours and that with thirty-five-degree heat hitting your head and shoulders.

However, visiting the same site in April will be a lot cooler, tickets will be cheaper, and you won't be waiting in line at all. A perfect combination of saving time and money - something that all travellers love.

Accommodation is by far the biggest expense for holiday-goers and world travellers alike. Think about how much you could save if your stay was thirty per cent cheaper; money that could go towards dinners out or rather spending your evening leisure time indoors playing online. Click here to see gaming and entertainment options that could interest you.

Something else that you can do in the shoulder season is to treat yourself to one of the best hotels in the Canary Islands, an endeavour that may be tricky in peak times as they could be unaffordable since this is when property owners make the majority of their income. A good deal on where you rest your head after a long day of sightseeing or swimming can make a huge difference to the entire experience. So, give it some thought.

Simply the Best:

There's hardly anything better than having the luxury of time and freedom, and if you visit Spain in the shoulder season, time and freedom will meet discounts and less tourists - the Holy Grail of travelling. While the off-season can become rather cold and isolated and the main season can be the exact opposite, shoulder season is like the jackpot of seasons.

Picture absolutely breathtaking beaches in terms of scenery and peaceful nature coupled with a wide range of seafood and cuisine, brought together with discounted accommodation costs and stunning weather. There's a saying: 'Take a few minutes of every day to fantasise about how you would wander, travel or explore if you could.' Take this saying literally and make it a reality this shoulder season.