The abandoned village in the Canary Islands with paradise white sand beaches

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  • 10-07-2024
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  • Photo Credit: Turismo de Canarias
The abandoned village in the Canary Islands with paradise white sand beaches

In the smallest of the Canary Islands, the entire population is concentrated in the village of Caleta de Sebo. La Graciosa has just over 700 inhabitants, all residing in this capital, which has grown as the main port connecting to the neighbouring island of Lanzarote.

However, Caleta de Sebo is not the island’s only village. Six kilometres from Caleta de Sebo lies Pedro Barba, a secluded settlement without a permanent population. This desolate village, mostly visited by birds driven by the trade winds, is like a mirage of civilisation with its sandy streets amidst unspoiled nature.

Pedro Barba boasts a tranquil beach, 110 metres long, covered with sand and gravel. The vast and peaceful landscape invites visitors to relax in its calm waters. The beach, named after the village, is part of the serene Graciosa coastline, offering other spectacular spots nearby for a peaceful walk followed by a refreshing dip.

Playa del Ámbar and Playa de Las Conchas

Nearby, heading northeast, is Playa del Ámbar, also known as Playa de Lambra. This beach features crystal clear waters surrounded by white sand dunes and volcanic rocks, creating a beautiful contrast of textures and colours. It’s a wild, rarely frequented place, perfect for disconnecting from the world. Due to the northern winds, caution is advised when swimming because of the strong currents.

To the northwest, Playa de Las Conchas is arguably the most stunning beach on La Graciosa. With white sand and red hues from the Montaña Bermeja volcano, it offers breathtaking views of the Montaña Clara islet. While the waves here are typically strong, making swimming dangerous on most days, the sheer beauty of this corner of the island makes it worth a visit even without entering the water.

The abandoned village in the Canary Islands with paradise white sand beaches

Playa La Cocina

For many, one of La Graciosa's best beaches is La Cocina. This 100-metre-long cove at the base of Montaña Amarilla features calm, turquoise waters contrasting with the predominant ochre tones of the landscape. Its location naturally shelters it from wind, waves, and currents.

For diving enthusiasts, the underwater scenery of La Cocina is teeming with marine life, a stark contrast to the tranquillity above. Accessible only by foot or bicycle, visiting La Cocina involves some effort, but the reward is the pristine view of Lanzarote's northern coast from its fine sandy beach.

A Unique Destination

La Graciosa's hidden gems, from the abandoned Pedro Barba to the paradisiacal beaches like Playa del Ámbar, Playa de Las Conchas, and La Cocina, make it a unique destination.

The island offers an extraordinary escape into nature, where the beauty of the landscape and the serenity of the environment provide an unparalleled experience for those looking to disconnect and enjoy Europe's hidden treasures.

The abandoned village in the Canary Islands with paradise white sand beaches