Spain ranked as having the world’s best Digital Nomad Visa

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 27-11-2023
  • Business
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Spain ranked as having the world’s best Digital Nomad Visa

Spain has emerged as the world's premier destination for digital nomads seeking to work while enjoying life in a vibrant and culturally rich environment, according to the recently released Digital Nomad Visa Index by VisaGuide.World. The index analyses and ranks the visas offered to digital nomads by 38 countries worldwide based on various factors.

Spain secured the top spot in the ranking, with its digital nomad visa recognized as the best globally, despite only being launched in January of this year. Argentina claimed the second position, followed by Romania in third, the United Arab Emirates in fourth, and Croatia, the newest member of the European Union and Schengen Area, occupying the fifth spot.

Lum Kamishi from Visa Guide World told that Spain's low-income requirement for obtaining a digital nomad visa and its lower cost of living compared to other countries on the list, contribute to making it the most convenient choice for remote workers. The ranking indicates that one can manage to live in Spain with a minimum of €641 per month, making it among the most budget-friendly options. However, authorities require applicants to prove they can generate at least €2,140 monthly to reside in the country.

Spain also earned the title of the happiest country among the 38 listed, reinforcing the idea that happiness can spread from person to person. However, the influx of digital nomads has raised concerns, as residents have complained about increased rent prices, leading some to move out of towns.

Currently, 15 European countries offer digital nomad visas, with seven ranking in the top ten. These countries include Spain (first), Romania (third), Croatia (fifth), Portugal (sixth), Malta (eighth), Norway (ninth), and Andorra (tenth). Notably, Iceland has the highest income requirement among these countries, set at €7,000 per month.