San Bartolomé to invest 25 million euros in new Maspalomas Arena for 5,000 spectators

San Bartolomé to invest 25 million euros in new Maspalomas Arena for 5,000 spectators

The San Bartolomé de Tirajana Council have confirmed they will invest 25 million euros in constructing a new Maspalomas Arena with a capacity of at least 5,000 spectators, which will become an architectural landmark in the municipality. The coalition government has already initiated the necessary procedures, and today (Monday), they will present a budget modification to the information committee to allocate the funds using treasury reserves.

The planned work includes the demolition of the current Víctor Miranda de San Fernando sports pavilion and its related sports facilities, which will be replaced by a larger, covered, multipurpose sports complex, suitable for both sports and cultural events such as concerts. The project will also involve the reorganization of the surrounding public spaces through a unique intervention that will serve as a reference and image for the most touristy municipality on the island.

The building will be versatile, accessible, and capable of hosting national and international sporting events and cultural events, concerts, and performances that will contribute to integrating the venue into San Bartolomé's cultural network. It will have two underground floors, the first with rooms for various directed activities and weightlifting, and the next for parking, with a capacity of up to 100 spaces.

The Council intends to transfer this funding to the Mancomunidad de Medianías de Gran Canaria (a local government consortium) so that this entity can tender and execute the project. This approach will enable these funds to be considered as earmarked expenses and can be carried over to future fiscal years until completion. If the Council were to undertake it directly, there would not be sufficient time to complete the project by the end of the current fiscal year.

San Bartolomé to invest 25 million euros in new Maspalomas Arena for 5,000 spectators
The existing municipal sports centre that will be knocked down to make way for the new one.

The awarded company will also be required to provide the technical proposal, which, among other features, must demonstrate architectural quality, volume, materials, sustainability, the capacity to accommodate sports facilities, dance studios, rhythmic and sports gymnastics, and a gymnasium, as well as host indoor football, basketball, handball, tennis, and gymnastics competitions.

It must also have a seating capacity of over 5,000 spectators with both fixed and telescopic seating, including telescopic seating at court level, can host concerts and performances by expanding the seating with the addition of the sports court, feature nighttime lighting to enhance the building's appearance and have a roof that can be considered as part of the facade.

The projected budget for the cost of the new pavilion is 13.8 million euros, the underground parking and facilities are 3.6 million, the construction of adjacent courts and pedestrian access is 1.08 million, and the demolition of the current pavilion, sports facilities, and access 875,000 euros. This means that the total budget for the project amounts to 19.5 million, which will increase to 24.8 million (£24,834,433) when adding 13% for general expenses and 6% for industrial profit.