Ryanair unveils eight new routes to Tenerife including flights from Cardiff

  • Tenerife Cabildo
  • 21-02-2024
  • Travel
  • Photo Credit: Cabildo de Tenerife
Ryanair unveils eight new routes to Tenerife including flights from Cardiff

In a thrilling announcement yesterday (Tuesday), Ryanair revealed the launch of eight new routes to Tenerife and the deployment of an additional two aircraft based at the South Airport, bringing the total to four for the upcoming summer season.

The new routes were announced at the Cabildo headquarters, where Ryanair's Manager in Spain, Elena Cabrera, unveiled the plans alongside Lope Afonso, the Minister of Tourism for Tenerife, and Dimple Melwani, CEO of Turismo de Tenerife.

With the increased operations of the Irish airline, Tenerife is set to enjoy 22 new connections during summer 2024, translating to a remarkable 287,388 additional airline seats to the island. Meanwhile, for the ongoing winter season, the available seats to fly to the island from all markets have surged to 4.6 million, a 12% increase compared to the same period last year.

A confident Afonso affirmed that Ryanair is "committed to the destination and responsible management," boasting a sustainable fleet that now represents 75% of their operations from Tenerife. "We can already confirm that 2024 will be a fantastic year for tourism. We must seize this opportunity to generate maximum growth and economic and social profitability possible," he said, adding that Tenerife is reinforcing its connectivity, which is already the best in the archipelago.

Melwani asserts that Tenerife is the best-connected island. "We are launching eight new routes that will allow us to reestablish connections with markets we were not reaching, such as Marrakech (Morocco) and Knock (Ireland), and expand the possibility of bringing more visitors to Tenerife and connecting to other destinations," she emphasised.

The eight new summer routes that Ryanair will operate to the island include Cardiff (UK), Knock (Ireland), Marrakech (Morocco), Budapest (Hungary), Memmingen and Düsseldorf-Weeze (Germany), Pisa (Italy), and Toulouse (France).

These additions complement the 47 routes already serviced by the airline to Tenerife, bringing the total to 55, including six from Tenerife North Airport.

Collectively, Ryanair's traffic to the island is expected to grow by 18% from the current levels, reaching 1.9 million passengers. Cabrera disclosed that the airline's overall investment in Tenerife will soar to 400 million euros.

Ryanair unveils eight new routes to Tenerife including flights from Cardiff

Cabrera highlighted, "The new routes from Ryanair provide citizens and visitors to Tenerife with even more options for weekends, city breaks, and summer vacations," before revealing that the company would launch a three-day promotional offer featuring fares as low as 30 euros.