One of Europe's 'Most Wanted' captured in Spain for murder

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 15-09-2023
  • National
  • Photo Credit: Policia Nacional
One of Europe's 'Most Wanted' captured in Spain for murder

The National Police have apprehended a fugitive who is on the list of '10 Most Wanted' individuals in Spain. The arrest is connected to a brutal murder that took place in Mexico over a decade ago. The shocking incident dates back to 2012 when the now-captured individual, along with an accomplice, allegedly carried out a gruesome attack on a victim on the bustling streets of Mexico City, wielding a sharp instrument.

This brutal assault resulted in severe neck injuries, along with traumatic cervical and thoracic wounds, as detailed in a report by the National Police on Wednesday (September 13th).

In a chilling aftermath, the perpetrators concealed the victim's body in a fuel drum, which they filled with cement, hiding it in the basement of the residence where the horrific crime occurred. The Mexican authorities have been pursuing a sentence of up to 35 years for this heinous act.

The pursuit of this fugitive began in earnest in 2020 when the Fugitive Location Section, working in collaboration with diligent Mexican police and judicial authorities, launched a meticulous search operation. Over the following years, investigators focused their efforts on identifying his whereabouts, including his close-knit family and circle of friends.

Determined investigators traversed Spain extensively, collaborating with a multitude of national and international law enforcement agencies, notably the NCA and the Enfast Network. The fugitive's face became well-known to the public as part of the 'The 10 Most Wanted' collaboration campaign. His details were also prominently featured on Europol's 'Europe's Most Wanted Fugitives' list.

These strategic measures aimed to open new avenues of investigation and severely limit his potential escape routes, significantly increasing the likelihood of his identification. Despite his skilful evasion for three years, constantly moving within different parts of Spain and frequently changing addresses with the clandestine support of family and friends, the relentless pressure from both the media and the police finally cornered him. As a result, he voluntarily surrendered at a local police station and was promptly arrested.

With his capture, the fugitive is now set to face the full force of the law, marking a significant breakthrough in the pursuit of justice for the long-standing Mexican murder case.