Fines up to 1,000 euros can be handed out to electric scooter riders

Fines up to 1,000 euros can be handed out to electric scooter riders

The use of scooters is one of the things that people are finding most annoying and frustrating when coming on holiday, whether they are being ridden by residents or tourists, as most users seem to be blatantly ignoring rules for wearing helmets, not riding on pavements or pedestrian areas, and just dumping them wherever they want when they’ve finished with them.

With this in mind, the DGT (Directorate-General for Traffic) have issued a reminder on social media about the rules that apply to scooter users, after a survey conducted by insurance company RACC revealed that most of those surveyed claimed to be unaware of the basic rules.

The most serious aspect, according to the DGT is that 43% of those surveyed admitted to riding on the pavement, and 12% had suffered an accident involving personal injury.

In their reminder, they remind electric scooter users that it is forbidden to ride on pavements, pedestrian areas, zebra crossings, motorways, dual carriageways, interurban roads, or tunnels in urban areas, speed must be between 6 and 25km/h, and it is compulsory to have a braking system, a bell or horn, lights and reflective devices at the front and rear.

In many parts of Spain, and the Canary Islands, there are networks of cycle lanes which are the authorised routes that scooters must abide by, however, if these don’t exist, which is the case in many tourist areas, they are only permitted to circulate on urban roads.

Penalties and fines for misuse:
The toughest penalties related to scooter use, are for riding them under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The new Traffic Law stipulates that electric scooter users can be subject to a breathalyser test, just like other drivers. A zero blood alcohol limit has been introduced for riders under the legal age to drive.

Riding an electric scooter with a blood alcohol level of more than 0.25 mg/l in exhaled air carries a fine of 500 euros, and if the level of 0.50 mg/l is exceeded, the fine rises to 1,000 euros. In the case of drugs, the fine is 1,000 euros.

Using a mobile phone or any other communication device while driving a scooter carries a fine of 200 euros; the same amount as if driving wearing headphones, driving at night without lights or reflective clothing, or not wearing a helmet. All we need now is for the police to start implementing them as the feedback we are getting from you, is that they seem to be turning a blind eye.