Eleven people arrested for sharing child pornography on P2P networks

Eleven people arrested for sharing child pornography on P2P networks

In a targeted operation, the National Police have apprehended 11 people in the Canary Islands for sharing child pornography on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Notably, among those arrested is a computer professional from Fuerteventura found in possession of 19 hard drives and 11 USB drives containing illicit content.

Specialized cybercrime units of the National Police consistently monitor file-sharing platforms to identify users distributing materials related to the sexual exploitation of minors. Their efforts aim to halt the spread of such content on networks, as well as to identify the victims, as outlined in a statement released on Friday.

The operation, focused on the Canary Islands, was developed based on the ongoing monitoring efforts to identify and apprehend individuals facilitating the exchange of child pornography through P2P networks.

In the initial phase of the investigation, attention was directed towards a computer professional based in Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura), described by the Canarian Police Headquarters as someone capable of devising "complex and sophisticated security measures to attempt to conceal his potential trace on the internet."

As well as this individual, authorities have detained ten more people engaged in utilising similar computer tools to share illicit content of minors, seizing 11 computers, 45 hard drives, 46 USB drives, 18 memory cards, eight mobile phones, and two tablets.

The National Police strongly advise anyone receiving such explicit images on their devices to report them immediately to the authorities via the email address [email protected]  where such incidents can be reported.