Couple arrested for stealing a tourist's purse and using her cards in Puerto Rico

Couple arrested for stealing a tourist's purse and using her cards in Puerto Rico

The Guardia Civil has apprehended a man and a woman who allegedly posed as a couple of tourists to steal the wallet of a female foreign visitor at a shopping centre in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. The thieves managed to steal the victim's purse taking 500 euros in cash and then an additional 700 euros by using her bank cards.

In a statement released yesterday (Saturday), the Guardia reported that the two suspects were presented before the San Bartolomé de Tirajana Magistrate's Court on charges of theft and fraud.

The arrest of the 59-year-old man and 47-year-old woman occurred on December 11th, following a review of the shopping centre’s CCTV cameras. The investigation revealed that the suspects had trailed the complainant through the commercial facilities, attempting multiple times to snatch her purse from her bag.

The victim was unaware of the theft, as the thieves seized the opportunity while she was sitting on a bench. The statement details that the detainees approached her, sat beside her, and discreetly stole the purse without her realising.

According to the statement, the victim realised something was wrong when attempting to make a payment, discovering that her purse, containing 500 euros in cash, personal documents, and bank cards, had been taken. During this time, the thieves made three withdrawals totalling 700 euros using the stolen cards at a nearby ATM.

In light of the incident, the Guardia Civil emphasises vigilance, especially in crowded commercial areas, during the holiday season, and amidst an influx of tourists. They suggest keeping belongings under constant control, placing valuables such as wallets and phones in pockets, and separating cash, personal documents, and credit cards into different locations for added security.