Audiovisual productions generated €103 million in Tenerife in 2023

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 16-01-2024
  • Business
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Audiovisual productions generated €103 million in Tenerife in 2023

In the year 2023, audiovisual productions contributed significantly to the Tenerife economy, generating €103 million, which represents almost a 2% increase compared to the previous year, as revealed by the Tenerife Film Commission on Monday.

In a press conference, the Minister of Tourism for the Tenerife Cabildo, Lope Afonso, along with the CEO of Turismo de Tenerife, Dimple Melwani, and the Director of Tenerife Film Commission, Ricardo Martínez, provided details of the industry's performance over the last 12 months.

A total of 163 productions contributed to this economic impact, accumulating a filming duration of 990 days. Remarkably, German productions surpassed Spanish ones for the first time, with 36 productions compared to 35, while British productions secured the third position with 21.

According to Tenerife Film Commission data, audiovisual productions generated approximately 3,281 jobs in technical and artistic positions, along with 2,867 as extras.

Afonso emphasised that the island has established itself as a "benchmark" in the audiovisual industry, serving as an "ideal set" for productions, contributing to both wealth and employment. He highlighted the "dazzling" growth of the economic impact, noting that in 2015, it was merely €19 million, less than 20% of last year's total.

Furthermore, Afonso mentioned the incorporation of 14 more companies into the Tenerife Film Commission, which is approaching its 25th anniversary. He also acknowledged the increased presence of American productions, attracting Hollywood stars like Gerard Butler and Henry Cavill,  and directors such as Guy Ritchie, leading to enhanced tourism promotion for the island.

Notable mentions were made for European animation series such as 'Ladybug', which is now made in Tenerife, and advertisements for the Yves Saint Laurent brand, among others.

As a complement to outdoor productions, Afonso announced that the Cabildo has initiated the processing of the 'Ciudad del Cine' (Film City) project in Adeje, acknowledging its private origin but underscoring its "strategic" importance for diversifying the island's economy further.

Melwani added that the audiovisual sector has experienced substantial growth in Tenerife, positioning the island as a "leading destination" for attracting productions. She highlighted the increasing employment opportunities, leading to the initiation of training courses, especially in areas such as direction, scripts, locations, architecture, and graphic design, ensuring local production companies have the necessary personnel demanded by international productions.

Audiovisual productions generated €103 million in Tenerife in 2023

Addressing the significance of fiscal incentives, Fernández acknowledged their value in attracting productions, emphasising that they are not merely a "gift" but serve to "compensate for distance and fragmentation." Despite some setbacks due to the U.S. actors and writers' strike, he expressed optimism for 2024 following a successful 2023.

Fernández highlighted the importance of not limiting the island to specific themes, noting that Tenerife accommodates a wide range of settings. He also praised the growth in the animation subsector, attributing its success in part to powerful fiscal incentives.

In 2023, Tenerife hosted international blockbusters such as 'Den of Thieves 2' with Gerard Butler and 'ISLA/UGPR' directed by Guy Ritchie, starring Henry Cavill and Jake Gyllenhaal. Spanish films, including 'Padres,' 'La Bandera,' 'Odio el Verano,' and 'Disco Ibiza Locomía,' also chose the island as their backdrop.

Television series, both international and Spanish, along with advertising shoots for brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Glasgow, Volkswagen, Tezenis, Merrel, and Nivea, further contributed to Tenerife's thriving audiovisual sector. Local production companies, including Sur Film, Volcano Films, and Boudika Productions, played crucial roles in facilitating these productions.