Verification in Canary Island Online Casinos: Why It Matters

Verification in Canary Island Online Casinos: Why It Matters

The gambling scene in Spain is attractive for both online and offline players. The availability of extensive platforms points to a robust online gambling market. Here, players are treated to lucrative casino and betting promotions and are offered thousands of real-money games. Football betting is even more successful than slots in the Spanish gambling landscape.

Local gambling platforms adhere to regulations to offer a safe environment for players, prioritize customer security, and offer transparent terms and conditions for bonuses and betting. Verification, in particular, plays a significant role in complying with responsible gambling.

Spanish Gambling Legislation

The government has regulated online gambling in the Canary Islands since 2012, ensuring a structured and controlled environment for operators. Local online gaming regulation ensures that only licensed entities can offer their services. This regulatory framework is created to foster secure and fair gaming practices within the industry.

Spanish law prohibits individuals under the age of 18 from engaging in any form of online gambling. All gambling platforms in Canary Island, in particular, require users to confirm their age during registration and comply with legal age restrictions.

This procedure proves the commitment of Spanish operators to stop underage gambling, while in the UK, players can join sites with no verification on NonGamStopBets that does not require ID for age proof during account creation. In this case, safe gambling is solely the players' responsibility. Regardless of the specific regulations, it is still advisable for players to prioritize responsible gambling practices, including age verification.

Online casinos in Spain collaborate with institutions like the Institute of Policy and Family Studies and the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated - organizations that provide support and resources to individuals who are prone to addictions and experience gaming-related problems. Such measures contribute to responsible gambling practices.

Why Do Online Casinos Use Verification in Canary Island?

Online casinos that operate in the Canary Islands use verification procedures to comply with licensing regulations and ensure player protection. Let's delve into the key reasons why implementing verification processes in Spanish gambling platforms is crucial. Additionally, exploring the availability of online casinos without KYC procedures could shed light on alternative approaches to player verification and their implications for the industry.

Legal compliance

Online casinos in the Canary Islands and many other jurisdictions are required to follow specific regulations and licensing rules. Verification processes are implemented to ensure that the operator prevents any illegal activities such as money laundering and fraud.

Player protection

The initial purpose of verification is to protect players. During the verification process, players are required to confirm their identity. This helps online gambling platforms to accept individuals of legal gambling age only. In this case, verification is one of the practices for promoting responsible gambling.

Security reason

Verification of players allows gambling sites to check players' identities in order to prevent theft and account hacking, which can be common at casino sites that do not comply with strict regulations. Also, verification allows operators to track transactions and make sure that winnings are paid to the rightful owner.

Correct use of promotions

Another reason why gambling platforms in the Canary Islands are required to use verification is correct bonus use. By confirming the identity of users, the operator can prevent individuals from creating multiple accounts to exploit bonuses multiple times.

Regulatory Compliance

Online casinos in the Canary Islands are required to follow guidelines set by regulatory bodies. One of such guidelines is the verification procedure. By introducing it, an online casino has the right to obtain and maintain a gambling license. With a license, an online casino is considered safe and legitimate.


The primary purpose of introducing the verification process in online casinos that operate in Canary Island is to provide enhanced security. Verification processes are vital for several other reasons that contribute to the overall well-being of the online gambling ecosystem and players.

Since the idea of responsible gambling has become more solid, requiring online casinos to use safe practices and policies, verification is one step forward to making players aware of potential risks. However, more and more casinos operate without it nowadays.