VIDEO: 50 kilos of cocaine found floating near the coast in Las Palmas

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 20-12-2023
  • Gran Canaria
  • Photo Credit: C7
  • Video Credit: C7
VIDEO: 50 kilos of cocaine found floating near the coast in Las Palmas

The National Police has opened an investigation to find the origin of three drug packages that were discovered yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) floating in the bay of the Avenida Maritima in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with a total weight of approximately 50 kilograms.

According to police sources, a member of the public who was walking alongside the bay alerted them after spotting a package floating near to the coast. Subsequently, a team from the Specialized Underwater Activities Group (GEAS) was activated to retrieve it.

The GEAS team conducted a dive to identify the contents of the floating package, and discovered three with similar characteristics containing a whitish substance. A preliminary analysis confirmed the presence of drugs, thought to be cocaine.

Investigation opened into the source of the packages

Following this discovery, the National Police has launched an investigation to determine the origin of the drugs, initiating the first legal procedures, which will be forwarded to the relevant judicial authority.

Meanwhile, the confiscated narcotics have been handed over to the health authorities, who will be responsible for fully analysing the substance in question, as confirmed by the police in a statement.