Two women have died whilst jogging and hiking in the heat in the Canary Islands

Two women have died whilst jogging and hiking in the heat in the Canary Islands

UPDATE: 14/08/2023 @ 4:50pm

Authorities confirm the deceased is a British tourist.

A representative from the Guardia Civil, which has initiated a standard inquiry into the death, overseen by a local court, has confirmed that the dead woman found on a dirt track in Morro Jable was a 39-year-old tourist who had come to Fuerteventura with a British passport: “She was wearing sports clothes and appears to have been out exercising by herself”.

“There were no signs of visible violence on her body but it will be up to the autopsy to determine the cause of death and discover whether it was heat-related which is obviously one possibility. We cannot confirm what the cause might be at this stage.”

Original article:

The emergency services have reported that two women died in the Canary Islands yesterday (Sunday) whilst practicing sporting activities, despite clear warnings not to do from the Ministry of Health during the current heatwave.

In Fuerteventura, a woman, who had been out running, was found dead on a dirt track near Morro Jable, in the south of the island, according to CECOES.

The woman, who is approximately 40 years old, was found around 1:00pm yesterday afternoon in a mountainous area in the municipality of Pájara, may have died as a result of heat stroke, although paramedics have not been able to confirm this yet until an autopsy is done. 

In the second incident, a 50-year-old Dutch woman died after fainting while hiking in Guía de Isora, in the south of Tenerife, where there is an active warning for extreme heat.

112 received an alert at around 6:00pm requesting medical assistance for the hiker who was unconscious in the Vera de Erques area.

An emergency helicopter rescued the woman and transferred her to an area where an ambulance was waiting for her, whose personnel verified that she was in cardiorespiratory arrest and performed CPR to try and revive her.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts they couldn’t save her and could only certify here death.

The Ministry of Health and the emergency services have reiterated the importance to take notice of current warnings for the safety of their health during these episodes of extreme temperatures and relentless heat.