Tourists go home! Who is really to blame?

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 20-03-2024
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: Stock Images
Tourists go home! Who is really to blame?

The manner in which things are publicised by the media can often dictate how they are perceived by its observers. If there is a streaker at a football match, I don't assume that all football fans are streakers. For example, it only takes one angry man, with a can of spray paint and a smartphone to imply that an entire island has a hatred towards foreign visitors, which is quite simply utter garbage.

I could do it. I could spray a dramatic slogan on a wall, take a photo of it, share it, and before you know it a massive deal is being made over my own nonsensical spray-painted rubbish.

However, there is currently an issue, especially in the south of Tenerife, regarding available and affordable housing. When I say an issue, I mean a massive, massive issue! Strap in whilst I explain.

Those who have chosen to deface buildings are idiots. Their graffiti has not helped the cause at all, nor shall it. Tourism in the south of Tenerife is paramount, there's no question about that we all experienced life without it during the pandemic. However, the problems it has begun to cause are also massively worrying.

Local town halls, in the south, have spent 50 years consistently striving for more and more from the tourist market. What they've created, in my opinion, is absolutely fantastic! There is no doubt in my mind about that, and I’m sure it’s the same in other resorts on the other islands.

Every single need, that any visitor could ever want, is catered for. Theme parks, shopping malls, eating, drinking, family fun, unique experiences... It's all there to be enjoyed by everyone.

As far as I'm concerned Tenerife is the most fantastic place in Europe. It doesn't matter what age, nationality, budget or situation you are in, it's all here, and that's why it's so popular, and this is also where the trouble lies.

The local town halls, tourist board, and Canarian government have finally reached their goal of being the best, but, they have forgotten about one vital ingredient of their success.


"Tourists go home!" is a remarkably short-sighted tantrum that someone has had. Nothing more. I do feel, though, that whilst it should be taken with a pinch of salt by tourists, the struggle is real. It is very very real, and it's an important message for tourists to understand.

Tourists are not the problem, the people in charge at the town halls ARE the problem!

Due to the high number of properties that are now leased to holidaymakers, there is nowhere to live. Simple.

There is loads of work, but, nobody can either find a home or afford a home within a reasonable travel distance, which, was never a problem in the past.

Why have the greedy town councils consistently allowed planning permission for hotel, after hotel, after hotel, without considering where the employees of such hotels are going to live? I'd ask the audience, myself, because it's incredibly irresponsible to be so short-sighted.

So, now you have it... that is the problem! That's the cause of local unrest. Tourists aren't the problem at all! Far from it, in fact.

The current booming tourist trade is exactly what these inadequate municipalities have always wanted, but, they have completely neglected those on the ground who have made it work!

It's no secret that there are multiple motor-home sights scattered around the south. These aren't hippies, these are regular working people who have been left with no other option because there is nowhere for them to live!

The prices of long-term rental accommodation have become laughable. €1,700 for a respectable 2-bedroom apartment, in a nice complex close to tourist zones? I think you could get cheaper accommodation in central London, where the average salary would be "considerably more".

So, whilst these, so-called, high-ranking government officials are sitting up in their beautiful mountain-top villas, looking after themselves, those down in the trenches, making sure tourists have incredible holidays, are being completely forgotten about. including I'm sure some of their own workers!

Who can blame the general feeling of injustice currently circulating? I definitely can't, and, I hope that any recent visitor that was left with a sour taste in their mouth after seeing this ridiculous graffiti might reconsider their opinion.

Tourists go home? Absolutely not. That might be where those who aren't happy with this terrible situation target their anger, but the fault lies at the door of those who have built Rome without enough Romans. And, we all know what happened to them.