The UK government declares war on airlines ‘hidden prices’

The UK government declares war on airlines ‘hidden prices’

The British government has announced that it will take drastic measures against companies, including airlines, for hidden fees and what is known as ‘drip pricing’, which is when they offer a low starting price and add additional costs for services that are necessary, resulting in a much higher end price than originally advertised.

After carrying out a study of the market, they have revealed that this practice is being carried out by 54% of suppliers in the entertainment industry, 56% of hotel/accommodation companies, and 72% of transport and communications companies.

This is so there can be more transparency on the price of flights and fairer competition so that the price you see is the price you pay and not a ‘fictional’ price that magically doubles or triples as you book it.

At the same time, they want to take measures to stop fake reviews which lead to unfair trading, as written in the Digital Consumer, Competition and Markets Bill (DMCC).

The aim is to put a stop to the buying and selling of fake reviews, meaning companies will have to take responsibility for the veracity of the opinions published on their websites to guarantee that consumers have the most positive experience possible.

The Minister of Enterprise, Markets and Small Business, Kevin Hollinrake, stated that they want to take measures so that consumers can have “clearer and more accurate information” before confirming their purchase. "Fake reviews and hidden fees can make those choices increasingly confusing and leave customers unsure about which product is right for them," he said.