TUI ventures into luxury with the unveiling of 'The Mora' hotel brand

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 24-11-2023
  • Travel
  • Photo Credit: Tourinews
TUI ventures into luxury with the unveiling of 'The Mora' hotel brand

In a bold move towards luxury, TUI Group has officially revealed its new upscale hotel brand, and it's set to make a grand entrance onto the scene in the spring of 2024. Brace yourselves for 'The Mora,' which will make its debut with the opening of the exquisite 5-star Emerald Zanzibar Resort & Spa in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Since late 2022, TUI Group has been hinting at the addition of a luxury brand to its portfolio of hotel brands. Now, not only has the name been unveiled, but the first establishment is set to redefine opulence.

'The Mora' promises to bring a touch of Latin elegance, meaning 'pause,' offering "relaxed and contemporary luxury with flexible and highly personalized service," as described in a statement by the tourism giant. The goal is clear – to attract high-income clients who prefer investing in experiences over possessions.

The breathtaking resort, acquired in August 2024 through a hotel investment fund in collaboration with German asset manager Hansainvest, sets the stage for a new era of sophistication. The Emerald Zanzibar Resort & Spa is just the beginning, and the anticipation is palpable as TUI sets its sights on other potential destinations for 'The Mora.' Greece, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, and the Canary Islands are all under consideration.

TUI ventures into luxury with the unveiling of 'The Mora' hotel brand
TUI's Hotel Portfolio

With the addition of 'The Mora,' TUI Group now boasts a diverse hotel portfolio of 12 brands. From the luxurious and contemporary to the family-friendly and all-inclusive, their offerings cater to a wide range of preferences.

The current lineup includes Royalton (Sunwing), TUI Blue, Robinson, TUI Magic Life, RIU, Suneo, Atlantica, Grupotel, Iberotel, Akra Hotels (with Barut), and AQI (in collaboration with TT Hotels).

After a remarkable year of expansion in 2023, which saw the addition of 41 new hotels through investment partnerships and management agreements, TUI's hotel portfolio now spans over 40 countries, totalling 424 establishments. The ambitious goal? To reach 600 in the medium term, solidifying TUI's position as a global leader in the tourism and hospitality industry. The journey has just begun, and the world eagerly awaits the unfolding of 'The Mora' and the continued expansion of TUI's luxury offerings.