Police identify 12-year-old boy as being responsible for bomb threat at Tenerife school

  • National Police
  • 28-05-2024
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: Policia Nacional
Police identify 12-year-old boy as being responsible for bomb threat at Tenerife school

The National Police have identified a 12-year-old boy as the person responsible for a bomb scare that targeted a school in Tenerife in December of last year. A threatening phone call was made to a school in Santa Cruz during school hours, claiming that an explosive device had been placed within the high school premises.

Upon receiving the call, the school notified the National Police who quickly evacuated the school and established a secure perimeter, so that TEDAX (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit) could search the facilities, ultimately determining that the threat was false.

Recognising the potential criminal implications of the incident, the National Police launched an investigation to identify and locate the caller who had hidden their phone number and distorted their voice.

However, after a lengthy investigation, officer successfully traced the call back to its source and have revealed that a 12-year-old boy, using his parent’s phone without their knowledge, had made the call.

Although the boy is exempt from criminal liability due to his age, the case has been referred to the appropriate authorities, and his parents could face financial penalties, because as his legal guardians, they are responsible for any fines imposed.

The National Police have emphasised the seriousness of such false alarms, noting that simulating a dangerous situation like a bomb threat, which necessitates the mobilisation of public security and emergency services, can constitute a crime of public disorder. This offence carries penalties ranging from a year to eighteen months in prison and a hefty fine.