National Police ask the public to help locate 10 fugitives potentially in the Canary Islands

  • National Police
  • 10-07-2024
  • National
  • Photo Credit: Policia Nacional
National Police ask the public to help locate 10 fugitives potentially in the Canary Islands

The National Police have launched a public appeal to locate ten fugitives, wanted by national and international courts for serious crimes, who may be hiding in Spain, particularly in the Canary Islands.

The crimes these individuals are sought for include the most severe offences such as homicides, murders, sexual abuse of minors, and high-profile organised drug trafficking.

The police emphasise the critical role of citizen cooperation in finding these fugitives and have provided an email address for the public to submit any relevant information: [email protected].

The police assure that all information provided will be kept confidential. While it is believed that these fugitives may be in Spain, authorities acknowledge the possibility of them being abroad. The Fugitive Location Section is equipped with international cooperation tools to facilitate the arrest of these criminals if located outside Spanish borders. Consequently, any pertinent information provided to judicial authorities is crucial.

Fugitives and Descriptions:

1. Gregorio Navas Hernández:

   - Age: 37

   - Crimes: Property crimes, particularly vehicle theft

   - Description: 1.74 metres tall, dark eyes, fair skin, tattoos on right arm and left hand

   - Status: Very dangerous

2. Jose Manuel Canela Vázquez (alias "Ferramache"):

   - Age: 50

   - Crimes: Major drug trafficking (hashish)

   - Description: 1.73 metres tall, white skin, brown eyes, shaved brown hair, athletic build, marked alopecia

   - Status: Highly dangerous and evasive

3. Segundo Cousido Vieites:

   - Age: 42

   - Crimes: Sexual abuse of minors, former religion teacher

   - Description: 1.80 metres tall, large build, white skin, dark eyes, and hair

   - Status: High risk of evasion, not highly dangerous

4. Alberto Severo De Sousa Madureira:

   - Age: 53

   - Crimes: Homicide

   - Description: Slim build, white skin, brown hair, brown eyes

   - Status: Tends to evade

5. Jesús Heredia Iglesias:

   - Age: 46

   - Crimes: Murder, illegal possession of weapons

   - Description: 1.64 metres tall, white skin, blue eyes, brown/blonde hair

   - Status: Highly dangerous, may carry firearms or knives

6. Jonathan Montoya Rendón:

   - Age: 39

   - Crimes: Aggravated murder, Colombian hitman

   - Description: 1.86 metres tall, white skin, athletic build, black eyes, and hair

   - Status: Extremely dangerous

7. Álvaro Pasquin Mora:

   - Age: 32

   - Crimes: Sexual offenses

   - Description: 1.70 metres tall, slim build, dark hair, white skin, black eyes, extensive tattoos

   - Status: Noted for distinctive tattoos, high evasion risk

8. Domingos Manuel Pinto Coelho:

   - Age: 51

   - Crimes: Continuous sexual offenses against his daughter

   - Description: 1.66 metres tall, white skin, graying hair, brown eyes, athletic build

   - Status: Tends to evade, similar prior offenses

9. Baltasar Vilar Durán (alias "Saro"):

   - Age: 67

   - Crimes: Drug trafficking

   - Description: 1.71 metres tall, fair skin, blue eyes, brown/graying hair, thin build, distinctive large ears, and prominent Adam's apple

   - Status: Highly evasive with extensive contacts

10. Marek Dawid Legiec:

    - Age: 32

    - Crimes: Drug trafficking, organised crime

    - Description: Athletic build, brown eyes, notable mole on the left temple, tattoos on legs, neck, arms, and a significant spider web tattoo on the elbow

    - Status: Dangerous

The National Police urge anyone with information on these fugitives to come forward and assist in their apprehension to ensure public safety.