GUARDIA CIVIL: Two people found dead in a hotel room

GUARDIA CIVIL: Two people found dead in a hotel room

Article updated: 7:26 am 15.04.2023

The Guardia Civil have confirmed that the two dead bodies discovered in a hotel room in the municipality of Pájara in the west of Fuerteventura at around 9:00pm on Thursday night, 13th April, are of a man and a woman of German nationality in their mid-forties believed to be on holiday in the island.

The police have opened an investigation to clarify what happened and are waiting for the results of the autopsy report to determine the cause of death, but believe it was either murder by a third party or that it could be a sexist crime, meaning the man could have killed the woman and then taken his own life.

As well as waiting for the forensic report, the Guardia Civil have requested data on the couple from Germany to piece together their movements and circumstances, and are studying CCTV footage from cameras in the area to see if there is anything suspicious that happened before the death of the couple.

These are all the details released by the police so far, however, the investigation is ongoing and is being carried out with the utmost secrecy.