Flight diversions due to fog in Tenerife

  • AENA .
  • 13-03-2024
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Flight diversions due to fog in Tenerife

A thick blanket of fog enveloping a significant portion of the mountainous and northern part of the island has now led to the diversion of eleven flights destined for Tenerife North Airport this Wednesday afternoon.

AENA has reported to the EFE news agency that adverse meteorological conditions have led to reduced visibility at the airport, impacting flights arriving from Valencia, Madrid, Gran Canaria, and further afield.

The initial flight was rerouted to Gran Canaria Airport, while the remaining two were redirected to the Tenerife South Airport.

AENA is urging passengers to stay informed by checking the status of their flights with the respective airlines, given the prevailing weather conditions.

The dense fog has prompted necessary adjustments to ensure the safety and efficiency of air travel in and out of Tenerife North Airport.

Flight diversions due to fog in Tenerife