Couple arrested for sexually abusing their daughters and recording it on their phones

Couple arrested for sexually abusing their daughters and recording it on their phones

The National Police have arrested a man and a woman in Gran Canaria accused of sexual assault, corruption of minors, and distribution of child pornography. The detainees, who have been in a relationship for several months, had sexual activity in which they involved the woman’s 5-year-old daughter so that she could “learn from her”.

The man also allegedly assaulted his own 4-year-old daughter, forcing her to perform acts of a sexual nature while recording her with his mobile phone. Computer specialists have found evidence of child pornography content in the registry of their electronic devices.

In January 2021, the National Police received a visit from a man, who identified himself as a computer expert, who reported that he had found a channel through a well-known social media network in which child pornography material was being sold.

The man gave police more than 500 files of pornographic content on an external hard disk that he had downloaded from the site to present to them.

However, upon further investigation, police specialists were able to determine that the “supposed” expert had purchased part of that content, as they found that he had made payments to the person in charge of the channel, and from that moment on he became under suspicion and investigation.

Due to his knowledge of Computer Forensics, and knowing that the downloads he had made were not safe, it is thought that he decided to bring the facts to the attention of the National Police to try and evade criminal responsibility.

Sexual assault and distribution of child pornography.
During the investigation, the National Police received another complaint (denuncia) in June of last year, accusing the man under investigation of allegedly sexually assaulting his own daughter, when she was just four years old.

This was filed by his ex-partner who is the girl’s mother, and it detailed how the young girl was forced to perform acts of a sexual nature for several months, while he recorded everything with his mobile phone, to allegedly “send the videos to a psychologist who is an expert in ‘rebellious children’".

After this accusation, the man was arrested and placed at the disposal of the Judicial Authority, who immediately ordered his entry into prison.

Investigators searched his home, where five mobile phones, 27 external disc drives, 5 hard discs, and five dataphones for internet payments were seized.

Second sexual assault and corruption of minors.
An exhaustive analysis of the seized material allowed computer specialists from the National Police to locate more child pornography content in the registry of the seized devices, specifically more than 100 self-produced files and around 150 child pornography videos (around 15 gigabytes of data).

Numerous videos showed the arrested person together with a woman and a very young girl, approximately five years old, performing acts of sexual nature on her.

Investigators were able to identify the woman, who was his former girlfriend, who had taught her own daughter in numerous videos to perform sexual acts with her and to practice them as well herself.

The police investigation culminated in the arrest of the woman, as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of sexual assault and corruption of minors. Once made available to the Judicial Authority, she was also sent to prison. Both are awaiting trial and the two young children are being cared for by family members.