Council in the south of Tenerife will fine up to 3,000 euros for not using bins correctly

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 21-11-2023
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: DA
Council in the south of Tenerife will fine up to 3,000 euros for not using bins correctly

The Granadilla Council have announced they are launching a campaign to stop uncivil behaviour by people who improperly dispose of rubbish by not using bins, in collaboration with the Local Police, the Department of Municipal Public Services, and the public company Sermugran.

They are specifically targeting those who leave garbage outside containers even when they are empty, as well as those who use rubbish bins as containers by stuffing bags of rubbish into them so they overflow.

This campaign will aim to have a dual effect: identifying both the improper use of waste containers, and the incorrect separation of waste. In this regard, the Council emphasizes that dumping garbage bags in public spaces causes damage to the image of the area, the environment, and encourages rodents and insects that affect all residents of the municipality.

To prevent this, the Department of Municipal Public Services will intensify surveillance with plainclothes officers, given the considerable increase in non-compliance with municipal regulations and state law in this matter.

Since 2020, the waste ordinance of the Granadilla Council establishes that failure to separate recyclable waste and the misuse of trash bins are minor offences that can be fined from 750 to 3,000 euros, in the case of more serious violations.

The City Council warns the population that it will be strict on this matter, "applying the regulations to the letter and intensifying surveillance on the streets of the municipality to eradicate behaviour that harms the entire community."

The councillor of the Department of Municipal Public Services, Marcos Antonio Rodríguez Santana, stated that "such actions are harmful to the environment, causing irreparable damage to the image for those who visit us, as well as for the proper coexistence of all residents of Granadilla."

He also emphasized that, "while our responsibility is to enforce the Municipal Cleaning and Waste Collection Ordinance, the quickest and most efficient solution lies in the simple gesture of the population correctly disposing of waste."