Chaos on the GC-1 motorway due to flooding and landslide

Chaos on the GC-1 motorway due to flooding and landslide

In yet another day of turmoil, the GC-1 motorway and Avenida Marítima in La Palmas faced disruptions following flooding and a landslide yesterday Tuesday). The underground access to Calle Pérez Muñoz from the GC-1 was submerged, leading to its temporary closure.

This incident compounded the challenges posed by a landslide in the Julio Luengo tunnel, resulting in the closure of a southbound lane of the motorway, causing significant traffic congestion in that direction.

Both incidents were reported as resolved at around 3:00pm, gradually restoring normal traffic flow on the main road through the capital of Gran Canaria. The flooding and landslide incidents meant authorities had to take swift measures, ensuring the safety of commuters and facilitating the necessary cleanup operations.

They are urging commuters to stay informed about road conditions and advisories as they work to address any potential lingering effects from the disruptions.

The incidents serve as a reminder of the susceptibility of the region to weather-related challenges and the importance of infrastructure maintenance and preparedness in minimising such occurrences.