VIDEO: School employee arrested for stealing 28 computers

VIDEO: School employee arrested for stealing 28 computers

The National Police have arrested a 29-year-old man in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, who is accused of stealing 28 new computers from the school he was working, which had been bought to upgrade the systems currently being used at the school.

The man was responsible for the IT department and was under suspicion after teachers kept complaining that he hadn’t installed the new system, and then he stopped going to work blaming anxiety for his absence.

Last week, the National Police received an official complaint from the head teacher at the school, outlining the situation, also claiming that the new PCs had disappeared from the classroom where they were being stored.

The police investigation verified that the man had gradually taken the computers purchased by the school and was going to sell them through a well-known social media sales website.

With all the facts in place, the police located and arrested the man for the crime of misappropriation and recovered all the computer equipment which has been returned to the school.