Tour operators in Sweden send ‘message of calm’ to clients after the demonstrations

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 24-04-2024
  • Travel
  • Photo Credit: Tui Group
Tour operators in Sweden send ‘message of calm’ to clients after the demonstrations

The two main tour operators in Sweden have sent a “message of calm” to their clients in case they are concerned about whether the demonstrations held in the Canary Islands last weekend, against the tourism model, could lead to problems for them.

Officials from Ving (Nordic Leisure Travel Group) and TUI have offered statements to the newspaper Expressen, to explain the steps they have taken to keep their travellers informed.

Claes Pellvik, communications director at Ving, explains that they have sent a message to all their clients who were currently enjoying a holiday in the Canary Islands.

The objective was to inform them about the reasons for the demonstrations. “We have explained that there is discontent with the authorities in the way the current tourism model is carried out. Local people find it difficult to get affordable housing, local traffic is congested, etc. I can understand that people are upset and are reacting to that," he stressed.

He added that none of Ving’s clients have contacted them expressing discomfort or to complain. However, he admits that questions have come from passengers who have booked their holidays for the near future. "As visitors you will receive the same excellent welcome as usual, but this is a clear signal to those in power," emphasises Pellvik. He also does not believe that Swedes will stop travelling to the archipelago. "The Swedes' love for the Canary Islands is very deep-rooted," he said.

Adam Györki, TUI's communications director in the Nordic countries, said that they have not perceived discomfort among their customers either, although he admits that they have followed the protests closely. He focuses on the uncontrolled growth of holiday housing which "reduces accommodation for the local population and drives up house prices".