Three airports in the Canary Islands to extend their operating hours

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 21-05-2024
  • Travel
  • Photo Credit: Go Fuerteventura
Three airports in the Canary Islands to extend their operating hours

The operating hours of three airports in the Canary Islands may soon be extended, according to recent information from the Spanish government. This potential change follows a request from Binter Canarias, which must submit specific proposals to reorganise flight schedules.

As reported by, the airports under consideration are Fuerteventura, Tenerife North, and La Palma. The government disclosed this information in response to a written query from several deputies of the Socialist parliamentary group in the Congress.

Proposed Changes and Evaluation Process:

AENA, the Spanish airport authority, is currently evaluating the possibility of extending flight hours at these airports. This assessment is part of an ongoing analysis of current and projected traffic demand to ensure adequate operational capacity at the airports.

The government emphasised the necessity of a technical, operational, and resource feasibility study, along with prior consultation with all affected parties.

Binter Canarias' Role and Next Steps:

The airline that initiated the request, Binter Canarias, is expected to present a detailed flight scheduling proposal. The current operating hours of the airports are deemed “adequate for existing airline operations” by the government. However, should AENA find Binter's proposal viable, the airports’ schedules and resources will be adjusted accordingly.

Specific Airports and Exclusions:

The focus of this evaluation is on Fuerteventura, Tenerife North, and La Palma airports. Although initial reports included Lanzarote airport, the government has clarified that the proposed changes will not apply to them.

If approved, the adjustment of operating hours will enhance the airports' capabilities to meet increased demand, potentially improving connectivity and service for travellers to and from these destinations.

This initiative underlines the dynamic nature of air travel in the Canary Islands, driven by both airline requests and passenger demands. The decision process will continue to involve thorough analysis and coordination among all stakeholders to ensure any changes serve the best interests of travellers and airline operations.