Teenager rescued from drowning in state of cardiac and respiratory arrest

Teenager rescued from drowning in state of cardiac and respiratory arrest

A 15-year-old teenager is in critical condition after being rescued from drowning and experiencing a cardiac and respiratory arrest on a beach in El Cotillo in the north of Fuerteventura.

In a dramatic and life-saving operation, the emergency services sprang into action after receiving an alert at around 2:00pm yesterday afternoon, informing them that a teenage boy had been pulled from the water in a state of near-drowning at Playa Castillo Beach, a popular spot among beachgoers in the town of El Cotillo.

In response to the call, the Canary Islands Emergency Services Coordination Centre (CECOES) dispatched the relevant emergency resources to the beach, who verified that he was in cardiac and respiratory arrest.

Without wasting a moment, the SUC team initiated a series of basic and advanced life support measures to resuscitate the teenager, and fortunately, their quick and professional response successfully reversed the life-threatening condition moments before the arrival of the medical helicopter.

After stabilizing the boy, they promptly flew him to the University Maternity and Children's Hospital in Gran Canaria where he has been admitted for further treatment. The hospital has reported his condition as critical, according to the 112 emergency services.

The rescue operation also involved the participation of teams from the Red Cross, the Fire and Rescue Service of La Oliva, the Local Police, and the Guardia Civil, who conducted the necessary investigations in response to the emergency incident.