Spain starts to automatically update EU Digital Covid certificates

Spain starts to automatically update EU Digital Covid certificates

The Ministry of Health for Spain have confirmed that they have started automatically updating all EU Digital Covid Certificates which are set to expire before June 30th next year. They specified that only certificates issued by the Ministry itself are being extended, and that they have already started to send electronic notifications with the updated form.

The statement from the Spanish government reads: “The Ministry of Health has recently started the process of automatic updating of the EU Digital Covid Certificates (CCD-UE) that were issued by the Ministry itself and which will expire before June 30th, 2023.”

They explained that once the citizens whose certificates have been updated receive the notification, they can download the updated document with its new validity period, and that anyone who wishes to renew their certificate can reapply for the document through the Ministry of Health website.

Some people have been confused by this because on Tuesday (December 13th) the EU Council told all Member States to remove all remaining Covid travel restrictions, if they have any left.

However, the Spanish government has further explained that the certificates are being renewed in order to facilitate the free movement of people, and so that they remain valid if any restrictions are reintroduced due to a worsening epidemiological situation during the winter and spring, so that people don’t get caught out when travelling.

This is because, although the EU have ordered all remaining travel restrictions to be dropped, they have left the door open for them to be reinstated in all Member States unilaterally if needed.