President of the Cabildo signs declaration of water emergency in Tenerife

  • Tenerife Cabildo
  • 30-05-2024
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: Cabildo de Tenerife
President of the Cabildo signs declaration of water emergency in Tenerife

The President of the Tenerife Cabildo, Rosa Dávila, officially signed a decree yesterday (Wednesday), declaring a state of water emergency on the island. This decree outlines the implementation of 75 measures aimed at mitigating the effects of high temperatures and a lack of rainfall that have already severely impacted the island.

The agricultural sector, which has been suffering from extreme and prolonged drought, particularly in the mid-altitude regions, will be the primary beneficiary of these measures.

With the signing of the decree, essential works for the water supply to the primary sector across the island will be accelerated. This includes the construction of desalination plants capable of producing over 27,000 cubic metres of water per day, which represents a 10% increase in agricultural water demand and a 5% increase in the island's total water consumption.

Dávila emphasised, "The declaration of Water Emergency is a courageous act by the Cabildo in response to an extreme drought that has been affecting the island for more than six years. It is an unprecedented initiative that highlights the severity of the situation and the urgent need for collective action, particularly to address the challenges faced by our farmers. Agriculture in Tenerife is a priority, and we must ensure they get the water they need."

According to a report by Balten, which is dependent on the Primary Sector area, there is a critical risk of water shortages in the coming months if measures are not taken.

The water emergency declaration has the support of the Plenary of the insular corporation, following the approval of a motion on March 1st urging the Insular Water Council (CIATF), which is under the Department of Natural Environment, Sustainability, and Security and Emergencies, to process it. Four days later, its Board unanimously validated the motion.