Is this the unluckiest man in the Canary Islands?

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 02-04-2024
  • National
  • Photo Credit: X (Twitter)
Is this the unluckiest man in the Canary Islands?

The owner of the car that fell into the sea from the cargo hold of a ferry travelling from La Gomera to Tenerife on Saturday, has already experienced bad luck after losing his home in 2021 when the eruption of the volcano in La Palma buried it under lava.

Matías explained in an interview on Cope Canarias radio that he usually travels in the Gold Class when on a boat, which means his vehicle is parked near the exit ramp to be one of the first to leave the ferry, one of the advantages of booking this class.

He assured that he had followed all safety instructions, he had parked his 4x4 with the wheel turned and the handbrake activated, but as soon as the ferry left the San Sebastian port, the waves hit the boat and caused the incident.

Upon realising that a car had fallen into the water from the commotion around him, he said that he looked out and saw that it was his.

"I was in shock. For a moment, I couldn't remember if I had left my dogs at home or if they were in the car." Fortunately, the dogs were not with him and had stayed at home, although he claimed that if they had been in the car, he would have jumped into the sea to save them.

Matías makes it clear that it was the waves that caused the accident, although he admits that there could have been human error as well. He downplays the incident by stating that "they are unforeseen situations," without mentioning the possibility of suing the company that owns the ferry.

In the interview, Matías kept his sense of humour and said that he now has a house covered in lava and a car submerged in the sea. "Except for winning the lottery, I’ve got everything," he joked.