Two dead in hotel room: Husband murdered his wife before committing suicide

Two dead in hotel room: Husband murdered his wife before committing suicide

According to Europa Press, the name of the woman who was found dead in bed in a hotel room in Pajara, in Fuerteventura on Thursday night, was Rebecca and she was 42-years-old. Her husband, Alexander, aged 46, was found in bed beside her after committing suicide by putting a plastic bag over his head.

The Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil are still investigating the death of the German couple who were found dead inside one of the rooms at the Hotel Aldiana Club in Morro Jable, but the Government Delegation against Gender Violence have said today that the murder is now being investigated as a new case of gender violence.

The Guardia Civil went to the aforementioned complex after its employees found the bloody bodies of Rebecca and Alexander and raised the alarm.

The first indications already pointed to a double violent death, with everything indicating that the woman had died first being hit repeatedly over the head, and that the man had subsequently taken his own life by suffocating with a bag on his head.

The scene that staff found was gruesome, according to the sources consulted, and forensics teams stayed at the complex for more than three hours to try and collect all the data with which to clarify what happened.

At first, everything pointed to a sexist crime, although double suicide and even the participation of third parties were not ruled out either, while waiting for more information regarding the German couple.

Agents viewed the complex's security cameras and took statements from both the workers and guests who were in the rooms near where the incident occurred.

The two bodies were transferred to Puerto del Rosario, where yesterday morning a coroner from the Legal Medicine Institute of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria carried out the corresponding autopsies to determine the causes of death and also the approximate time of the murder.

With all the information obtained so far, the Government Delegation against Gender Violence of the Government of Spain reported that the investigation is directed towards a case of sexist violence, which if confirmed would be number 13 this year and 1,197 since 2003.