Tenerife now has enough indicators to move to alert Level 4 for COVID-19

Tenerife now has enough indicators to move to alert Level 4 for COVID-19

The daily report on the epidemiological situation of COVID-19 in the Canary Islands, prepared by the Health Service (SCS), confirms that Tenerife now has sufficient health indicators to go to alert Level 4, which will be decided, as usual, in the next Governing Council meeting.

They have been putting more emphasis on hospital pressure and ICU occupancy by Covid patients than incidence rates, and this last indicator has now has exceeded the 'very high' risk level on the Island, with the occupation of critical care beds (ICU) at 26.04%.

This is followed by Gran Canaria, which is at 'high' risk with 18.06%, while the regional figure for the islands as a whole is also at 'high' risk with 17.2%.

It should be remembered that the limit set by the Ministry of Health to reach the maximum level of risk in this parameter is 25% occupancy by Covid patients.

Regarding occupancy of Covid patients in wards, Tenerife is the only island with a 'high' risk level with a percentage of 18.06%, the worst figure in the Canary Islands at the moment.

Taking into account the 'Indicators for risk assessment and alert levels of transmission of COVID-19', agreed by the National Health System to “establish alert levels that determine actions proportional to the level of risk of transmission of SARS- CoV-2 in a specific territory”, Tenerife now meets the requirements for the government to consider its pass to alert level 4, because it has at least two transmission indicators and one of hospitalization, at "very high" risk.