Alert Level changes: Fuerteventura moves back to Level 2

Alert Level changes: Fuerteventura moves back to Level 2

The spokeman of the Canary Islands Government, Julio Pérez, announced today after the Governing Council Meeting, that due to the evolution of the pandemic on the island, Fuerteventura is moving back to Level 2 restrictions.

The island currently has the highest seven day incidence rate (IA7) of 77.00, and an IA14 of 148.86 which is way above both Gran Canaria and Tenerife who are also currently at Level 2.

Perez announced that all the other islands are staying as they are, saying that there is a general trend in the Canary Islands that seems "relatively favourable" and is approaching an IA7 of 50; however, he pointed out that Tenerife "has not get worse but neither has it improved", but will need to do so to avoid a level change.

The change for Fuerteventura will take effect from tomorrow until March 18th, after it is published in the Boletin Oficial (BOC), and means that the island will be under the following regulations:

Curfew: Between 11pm and 6am

Group size: Maximum 6 people, except cohabitants, both in public and private spaces.

Bars, Restaurants and Cafés:
- Outdoor terraces 75% capacity.
- Inside 50% capacity.
- Maximum 6 People per table.
- Drinking at bar: groups of max. 2 people with marked spaces.
- Buffet and self-service prohibited indoors, allowed outdoors.
- Complete closure of the establishment before 11.00pm.
- Distance of at least 2 metres between adjacent table chairs, between groups of tables and between groups of customers at the bar.
- Chairs will be arranged in a zigzag to avoid diners being face to face.
- The bar space assigned to each customer or group of customers must be physically marked in a visible way.
- Ban on smoking on terraces.

Interpersonal safety distance:
- The interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 metres will be maintained on public roads and in all public spaces.
 - If it is not possible to maintain the distance in premises or establishments, the stay will be restricted to a single person.
 - It is recommended to avoid staying in closed and crowded spaces.

Use of masks:
- All people age 6 years and older are obliged to use a mask in all public spaces.
- The owners of hospitality venues, spaces and premises for public use must guarantee their compliance.
- The use of masks with an exhalation valve is prohibited except in the specific workplace.

Gambling and betting establishments:
- Capacity 50%.
- Food or drink service must be carried out in compliance with the bar and restaurant measures above.
- Tables with a maximum occupancy of 6 people, guaranteeing the distance of 2 metres between chairs at different tables