Fuerteventura decrees the same limitations as Tenerife in municipality of La Oliva

Fuerteventura decrees the same limitations as Tenerife in municipality of La Oliva

The City Council of La Oliva has decreed a series of measures to stop the upward trend of the Covid contagion curve that the municipality has registered in recent days, having the worst data in Fuerteventura. The measures are implemented from yesterday until Monday January 25th, and are dictated based on a report from the Ministry of Health regarding the current epidemiological situation on the island.

The Ministry of Health urged the La Oliva City Council to apply the Level 3restrictions as it is epicentre of the pandemic in Fuerteventura, which as a whole is on alert Level 1, which has the least restrictions. This means that La Oliva has the same limitations as the island of Tenerife, the only one that is totally in Level 3 in the Canary Islands.

From now, In La Oliva, the freedom of movement of people at night-time is limited between 10pm and 6am by curfew, except for essential activities.

People meeting both in spaces for public and private use, closed or outdoors, will be limited to cohabitating people, except for on terraces of bars and restaurants, with the maximum number of four people per table (not including children aged 6 and under).

In addition, the interiors of bars and restaurants are closed to the public, and all premises must be shut before 10 pm.

- Gambling casinos, bingo halls, arcades and games rooms, external betting venues and other similar venues will remain closed.

- The practice of unprofessional physical and sports activity is prohibited in the interior areas of sports facilities and centres.

- The practice of non-professional sports activity and physical exercise in the open air can be carried out individually and as long as the interpersonal safety distance of two metres can be maintained permanently.

- Team sports or those practices or exercises in which the maintenance of said distance cannot be guaranteed at all times may not be practiced.

- The capacity of public transport is reduced to 50 percent.

Mayor Pilar González said, "These are extraordinary measures that respond to the extraordinary situation caused by the increase in cases that our municipality suffers, we must all be responsible, only strict compliance with these measures will make us regain normalcy and economic activity, so that we can also recover tourism activity, which is our main livelihood.”

Photo: Illegal party held on a beach in La Oliva last weekend, published on social media.