Blue full moon will be visible in the Canary Islands tonight

Blue full moon will be visible in the Canary Islands tonight

The best weather conditions, with clear skies, only light wind, and a very pleasant night are what is needed to be able to see the astronomical phenomenon known as the full blue moon, and tonight (Sunday) is the night that this will be possible.

The optimal conditions to observe this phenomenon, which happens approximately every two and a half years, will occur tonight when the moon will visible from 2:02pm this afternoon, but tonight, when it is dark, is when you will be able to see it best in all its splendour.

Tonight’s blue moon is what is known as a 'seasonal blue moon', an astronomical event that will not be repeated until 2024, and refers to the fact that it is the third full moon of the summer, which is what makes it unusual.

On the nights of the maximum full moon, it will appear next to the biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, and be visible for a month, being especially bright this weekend and viewed best from Fuerteventura due to the location of the island.

The best way to see the blue moon is somewhere standing alone, away from towns, with minimal light pollution, and according to NASA, this phenomenon occurs when full moons are separated from each other by 29 days, which is one or two days less than usual.