The end of having to pay for hand luggage on planes gets a step closer

The end of having to pay for hand luggage on planes gets a step closer

The European Parliament has approved a series of modifications that will force low-cost airlines to adjust their baggage policies regarding allowances that passengers can take on board as hand luggage into the cabin.

Despite airlines' reluctance to offer carry-on bags at no additional cost, or to change the permitted dimensions, the proposal received the green light in October.

The increase in the cost of plane tickets in Spain, due to the increase in fuel prices and the economic crisis, has led travellers to look for cheaper options that do not involve additional expenses for luggage.

Although the size of carry-on bags is determined by each airline, the Air Navigation Law establishes that it must be included in the price of the ticket. However, the regulations do not specify measurements or weight, allowing airlines to establish their own limits.

The International Air Transport Association recommends that dimensions do not exceed 55cm x 35cm x 20cm.

With the approval of the European Parliament, the aim is to unify the size and weight allowed for hand luggage at no additional cost to the price of the flight. However, this proposal still requires approval from the European Council. Once obtained, a date will be set for the entry into force of this new regulation.