TUI launches ‘Money Back Guarantee’ if it rains on your holiday

TUI launches ‘Money Back Guarantee’ if it rains on your holiday

TUI Sweden has introduced a new product aimed at customers who are concerned that their holidays might be spoiled by bad weather, called their "weather guarantee”, and it promises financial compensation in the event of rain.

They are not the first travel company to implement such a measure, Spanish company Iberostar Hotels & Resorts has been offering its own "Good Weather Guarantee" since 2007, providing guests with an additional night of accommodation for each day of rain during their stay.

Customers of TUI Sweden have the option to purchase this guarantee at the time of booking, and its cost varies depending on the weather forecast for the hotel's location, which is provided by Sensible Weather.

An expected rainfall of 1.5mm per hour or more, lasting for at least two hours, automatically activates the guarantee, resulting in compensation payment on the same day. The amount of compensation depends on the total cost of the holiday.

"We can't influence the weather at our destinations, but with this weather guarantee, our customers can have a fun holiday even if it rains," explained Tommy Serban, Commercial Director of TUI Nordic. He emphasized that since compensation is paid instantly, travellers have the opportunity to spend the money on other activities, such as visiting museums or going shopping.

This option is available from October for customers booking a combined trip with TUI to selected destinations.