Suspect arrested for deliberately sinking a boat at Morro Jable Pier

Suspect arrested for deliberately sinking a boat at Morro Jable Pier

The Guardia Civil have apprehended a 54-year-old man in connection with the sinking of a power boat at the Morro Jable pier in Fuerteventura, and the theft of electronic and fishing equipment from the boat. The suspect, who has no prior criminal record, faces charges of damage and theft related to the incident, which took place in early April.

According to an official statement from the Guardia Civil, the investigation started following a complaint from the port authorities, which stated that during the early hours of April 1st, a power boat measuring 15.26 metres in length and 4.48 meters in width was deliberately sunk while docked and awaiting public auction.

The Guardia Civil’s investigative team conducted a thorough visual inspection, which led them to conclude that the yacht had been sunk intentionally and not an accidental occurrence.

By analysing data and collecting statements from various sources at the dock, investigators were able to narrow down their search, eventually identifying and linking the suspect to the crime.

Subsequent searches resulted in the recovery of several stolen items from the yacht, including a GPS device, an antenna, and an electric fishing reel, with a total estimated second-hand value of approximately 1,000 euros.

The detainee has been processed and is now at the disposal of the Court of Puerto del Rosario, which is overseeing the case. Further proceedings will determine the legal repercussions for the suspect involved in this deliberate act of vandalism and theft.