Police rescue woman held captive and abused for over a month in Tenerife

  • Local Police
  • 13-06-2024
  • Tenerife
  • Photo Credit: Policia Local
Police rescue woman held captive and abused for over a month in Tenerife

The Local Police have rescued a woman who has been held captive and abused for more than a month by a man in La Laguna, Tenerife,. The victim, who had arrived from Cuba, was reportedly locked up and had her passport confiscated by the alleged abuser.

Inspector José Javier López reported the incident via the official social media account of La Laguna's Local Police. Around 11:30am yesterday (Tuesday), police received a call from a concerned neighbour in the Tejina area. They claimed that they had received notes under the front door of their home from someone pleading for help.

Several patrols were dispatched to the location, where they confirmed the neighbour's report, and officers found the woman with a man who insisted that "nothing was wrong."

However, the woman claimed to the police that she had been held in the house for over a month since arriving from Cuba. She alleged that the man had taken her passport and subjected her to continuous abuse.

Upon confirming the woman's account, the police arrested the man and took him to the National Police headquarters. The woman received immediate medical attention at the Tejina Health Centre, where she was examined by a doctor.

Afterwards, she was also taken to the National Police station to give her statement. The suspect has now been handed over to the judicial authorities for further proceedings.

The Local Police have emphasised the importance of community involvement in tackling gender-based violence, stressing that public cooperation is vital in identifying and addressing such serious issues.