One of the most active burglars in the Canary Islands is finally caught

One of the most active burglars in the Canary Islands is finally caught

The Guardia Civil have finally arrested a 36-year-old man in Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria, identified as one of the most active burglars on the island. He has an extensive criminal history, with 52 prior police records and has been arrested 13 times, but nothing could be proved, until now.

The investigation began after a report was filed about a burglary that took place on May 29th, where someone broke into a home by forcing open a window at around midday and stole jewellery worth approximately 10,000 euros.

The second reported burglary occurred on June 19th. The homeowner returned from a family gathering to find a man coming out of his house wearing a backpack. Upon being discovered, the suspect fled, jumping over a wall into a neighbouring property, and managed to escape into a nearby parked vehicle, narrowly evading capture by the homeowner.

Following this, the Guardia Civil launched a detailed investigation, which included crime scene inspections, collecting CCTV footage, and taking statements from witnesses to link the burglar to the crimes. This resulted in the identification of the suspect, a well-known criminal with a history of home burglaries across the island.

Once identified, investigators focused on locating the suspect at his usual address, but information suggested that he might be staying with family in Maspalomas. Consequently, a surveillance operation was activated to verify this information.

On the afternoon of June 26th, agents saw the suspect's car parked in the area and started discreet surveillance. The operation proved successful as the suspect came to his car, got in, and drove off, causing them to follow him through various streets in El Tablero. When he eventually stopped and parked up, the Guardia Civil moved in and arrested him.

He is now in custody and awaiting trial for these and other crimes, and will finally face time in jail for the crimes he has committed.