Masca is the first place in Tenerife for paid access for tourists

Masca is the first place in Tenerife for paid access for tourists

The President of the Tenerife Cabildo, Rosa Dávila, announced today (Wednesday) the launch of a pilot project to charge tourists, not residents, for accessing certain natural areas in Tenerife, starting with Masca Valley, to regulate the number of visitors to the area, enhance services, and improve safety in the area.

In a press conference detailing the Cabildo’s decisions, Dávila explained that a three-way agreement will be established between the Buenavista Council, Tenerife Port Authorities, and the Cabildo, which will lead to the reopening of the Masca dock, which has been closed since 2018, among other improvements.

Visitor Limits and Access Regulations:

Initially, access to Masca Valley will be limited to 275 visitors per day, with an estimated capacity of 100,000 visitors a year. Tourists can either visit independently or with excursion companies, and a bus service will be introduced to manage and control the number of vehicles going to the site.

Payment and Management:

Tragsa will oversee the payment system, though the exact fee has not yet been determined. This initiative is part of a broader plan to implement entrance fees to all natural areas in Tenerife from January 1st.

Environmental and Safety Benefits:

Dávila emphasised that this new model will reduce the environmental pressure on the valley, and reduce the number of accidents and rescues that occur every year. Additionally, the reopening of the dock will allow for the anchoring of up to four boats, along with kayaks and canoes.

Infrastructure and Staffing Improvements:

The dock reconstruction, which included building a 46 concrete block breakwater, and a boarding platform that can also serve as a helipad, cost 1.6 million euros. The Cabildo and the Buenavista Council have also agreed to extend the working hours of environmental staff from 8:00am to 8:00pm during the summer months.

This project represents a significant step towards sustainable tourism on the island, balancing tourist access with the preservation of natural resources.

Masca is the first place in Tenerife for paid access for tourists