Man dies on Órzola Beach after being rescued from drowning

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 06-11-2023
  • Lanzarote
  • Photo Credit: Lancelot Digital
Man dies on Órzola Beach after being rescued from drowning

In a tragic incident on Órzola Beach in Haría, (Lanzarote) yesterday afternoon (Sunday), a man died on the beach after being pulled from the water by local surfers in a state of cardiac arrest as reported by the Emergency Services Coordination Centre (CECOES).

Multiple calls were received in the 112 call centre at around 2:50pm, alerting them to a swimmer who was struggling with the challenging conditions of the rough sea, who kept going under the water.

When paramedics arrived at the beach, the man, whose age and nationality have not been released, was in the company of a woman who had successfully rescued unharmed by the surfers.

However, at the time of the rescue, the man was in cardiac arrest. Despite resuscitation efforts by medical personnel, his vital signs could not be restored, and they could only confirm his death at the scene.

The authorities have asked people to respect the dangerous sea conditions which are under an orange alert activated by the Canary Islands Government, as it is not just the waves but the swell and currents that cause the problem. They have opened an investigation to shed light on the incident.