Innovative business tactics inspired by casinos

Innovative business tactics inspired by casinos

Casinos have always been illustrious businesses that go out of their way to ensure their clients have wholesome experiences, they leave no stones unturned and encompass more than just games. As such, when players sign up on reputable sites like Rizk, they know they are in it for more than a game of chance or skill. Instead, they are embarking on an adventure that goes beyond the casino at face value.

Due to this, casinos have grown to be some of the most sought-after business models in the world, and their tactics have spread to other industries that have hoped to craft a niche for themselves. So, what strategies have companies borrowed?

What Casinos Do Best

Anyone who has played in a casino can agree that nothing stays the same. One minute, casinos are doubling down on themed nights, the next, they are all about virtual reality games. Their ability to adapt to emerging trends is what makes them special. Below are some of their strategies that have also appealed to other businesses:

1. Online Services.

Think back to a few decades ago. When people wanted to play casino games, they would dress up, leave their homes, and ensure they arrived at the casino before it closed. But towards the 90s, something changed. Casinos realised that the new wave of technology could benefit them and their players. So, they introduced online games to meet the obvious gap in the market. People needed convenience, and online access was the way to go.

As a result of online gaming, people started enjoying the perks below:

- They could game 24/7 as they no longer had to worry about opening and closing times.

- They could play the games anywhere if they had access to the internet and a smart device.

- They could make and receive payments without leaving their homes.

Best of all, they did not need to follow dress codes to earn a seat at the table. Several businesses saw the value of online access and took to this technology. Now, people can enjoy almost anything from home, you can order items such as food and clothes, make payments, book flights, etc, and do not need to leave your home.

2. Loyalty Programmes.

How do casinos maintain their clients in a highly competitive industry? From the start, casinos realised that they had to offer incentives to their players to keep them coming back for more. At first, casinos would offer benefits such as complimentary suites, drinks, and food to players who often won games. But this was not enough. People wanted more reasons to stick with one casino over the others.

Casino operators soon realised they could reap this loyalty by offering loyalty programmes. The more a player stuck with a casino, the more rewards they got. Examples included:

- Exclusive access to new games.

- Access to VIP gaming rooms.

- Deposit and playing bonuses.

- Cash and gift rewards.

As a result, avid players saw the value of sticking with one operator so they could keep receiving these advantages. Other businesses have also used similar strategies. Take the example of eCommerce sites. They allow users to gain points when they buy items from the store, and customers can redeem these points for more items, which saves them money. Yet they cannot get enough points if they shop at different places. Hotels, airlines, and restaurants also use these strategies to develop a loyal customer base, which is much easier than attracting new clients.

3. Mobile Access.

When casino games first went online, they were available via desktop machines. This access was a significant step in the right direction, however, it locked out those who did not have access to desktops. Moreover, desktops were cumbersome, so moving with them was a challenge.

As smartphone technology developed, casinos realised they could use this growth to their advantage. How? They used a two-fold approach:

- Mobile sites: Casinos developed user interfaces that loaded on phones and desktops. The mobile versions were as intuitive as those on desktop devices, enabling users to enjoy games regardless of the devices they used.

- Mobile apps: The need for dedicated playing spaces was growing. And casinos saw it fit to introduce apps that would integrate with different operating systems. These apps allowed players to enjoy games more conveniently from their mobile devices.

In the current digital age, many businesses have developed sites that load on mobile phones. Since billions of people now have access to these devices, this approach helps businesses reach their clients faster and conveniently.

4. Predictive Modelling.

How do casinos know what games you will enjoy and what ads to send your way? It comes down to AI predictive modelling, a new technology that helps casinos learn enough about you to determine the best way to tailor your ads and games.

Thanks to this, you can enjoy a customised experience that makes your gaming more enjoyable, and casinos can spend less on marketing and get a higher return on investment from their games and marketing strategies.

Casinos are not the only businesses doing this. Many CRM software companies have struck gold with this idea and now use it to help businesses offer targeted ads to their new and existing clients.

Blockchain technology has also been extensively used in casinos for payment systems, and many businesses have followed this route.