VIDEO: British tourist seriously injured jumping into one of Tenerife's most dangerous rock pools

  • CECOES .
  • 16-04-2024
  • Local News
  • Photo Credit: X
  • Video Credit: X / Canarias 1500 Km de Costa
VIDEO: British tourist seriously injured jumping into one of Tenerife's most dangerous rock pools

UPDATE: 18.04.2024

A video has been released showing the man, a 40-year-old British tourist, ignoring warnings, as the area is taped off so as not to enter, being egged on and jumping from high rocks into the El Tancon pool. 

As you can see in the video, he crashed into the rocks and was lucky to only injure his legs as he could have quite easily been killed or drowned in this incident. Unfortunately, social media has made situations like this more common as people see things and want to get the 'perfect' video or photo without thinking of the consequences... even at the age of 40!


A 40-year-old male tourist has been seriously injured after jumping into the Charco El Tancón natural pool, in Santiago del Teide in the southwest of Tenerife, and hitting the rocks below, according to information provided by the Emergency Services Coordination Centre (CECOES).

The incident happened yesterday afternoon (Monday) and CECOES dispatched SUC medical personnel to the location given, after receiving a call for help, who found that the injured man had already been pulled from the water and that firefighters were carrying him on a stretcher to their ambulance so that they could assess him.

Due to severe injuries to his legs and feet caused by the hard sharp rocks, he was transferred in a specialised SUC ambulance to the Hospiten Sur University Hospital in Playa La Americas where is was admitted for urgent treatment.

Local Police officers assisted the emergency services at the scene and compiled the relevant incident reports.

El Tancón is one of the most dangerous rock pools in Tenerife with many people injured every year and has even claimed several lives as people underestimate the dangers of the sea and the rocks surrounding it.