Forget Ale-Hop, welcome to Hierro-Hop

  • Canarian Weekly
  • 12-06-2024
  • Travel
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Forget Ale-Hop, welcome to Hierro-Hop

El Hierro has introduced its own unique twist on one of Spain's most famous stores, Ale-Hop. Known for the iconic cow at the entrance of each shop, Ale-Hop, which originated over fifty years ago in Alicante, now has a charming counterpart in the Canary Islands.

The popular Canary Islands social media profile, @7IslasCanarias, recently delighted its followers with an image of "Hierro-Hop," the Canarian version of Ale-Hop. Instead of a cow, Hierro-Hop features a ram wearing a cowbell at its entrance, adding a local flair to the beloved shop.

The post quickly went viral on social media, getting hundreds of interactions and sparking excitement among users. Hierro-Hop's Instagram account shared their joy, stating, "Today, several of our followers inside and outside the island of El Hierro have sent us this image, accompanied by messages of congratulations or continued success."

Located on Calle Tigaday, in the municipality of Frontera, Hierro-Hop has quickly become a must-visit spot. Visitors are reminded not to forget to ring the ram's bell when they enter, adding a fun and interactive element to their shopping experience.

Hierro-Hop offers a wide array of gifts, accessories, and toys, maintaining the whimsical and inviting atmosphere that Ale-Hop is known for while adding its own distinctive Canarian charm. So don’t be sheepish, if you visit El Hierro try Hierro-Hop, but be warned, it gets ‘rammed’ due to the baaaa-rgains on offer!

Forget Ale-Hop, welcome to Hierro-Hop