Five top tips for navigating a Spanish music festival sober

Five top tips for navigating a Spanish music festival sober

The festival season is almost upon us and across the Canary Islands and Spain there are some fabulous festivals to make the most of. Some big acts will be taking to the stage, while there’s more to many of the festivals than just the music, including relaxation, food and drink and various workshops on offer.

However, when it comes to the drink element, that can be slightly problematic, mainly for those people who have given up alcohol in order to improve their health.

Navigating music festivals sober can be a tricky task, particularly for those who have previously suffered from alcohol addiction and are now on the road to recovery. However, it is possible to get through them, having a great time and keeping your sobriety intact.

But how? Well, here are five top tips…

Plan Ahead and Set Expectations

Before heading into the festival grounds, take the time to plan ahead and set clear expectations for yourself. You should have a firm plan of action on how to approach the festival sober, whether that be doing your best to avoid alcohol, taking non-alcoholic alternatives with you or filling your day with different activities that will take your mind off alcohol.

You should communicate these intentions with friends going with you, which will also allow them to respect your decision and allow you to stay focused.

Stay Hydrated and Nourished

One of the most important aspects of getting through a festival is taking care of yourself. Especially with the sun beating down, hydration can be a real problem and not staying hydrated can play with your brain and cause unwanted cravings to creep into your mind.

It’s absolutely essential to stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day. Taking a reusable water bottle and filling it at the water stations is a good idea, while doing your best to eat healthily will also help prevent any cravings.

Explore Non-Alcoholic Options

These days, festivals like Benicassim and Primavera have plenty of alternatives to alcohol. You’ll find many pop-up juice bars and mocktail stalls, which can be great for enjoying the music festival with something tasty and a little more indulgent.

What’s more, they can quench your thirst and keep you hydrated, allowing you to dance long into the night.

Immerse Yourself in the Music and Atmosphere

One of the best ways to stay sober during a music festival is to just totally immerse yourself in the music and the atmosphere. You can really lose yourself in it, dancing like nobody’s watching and using the music to find the euphoria you perhaps once got from alcohol or drugs. Embrace the vibe and the music and alcohol will become far from even an afterthought.

Connect with Like-Minded Individuals

Finally, other people will be in exactly the same position as you, so don’t be afraid to reach out and connect with others beforehand through the likes of online forums. Even at the festival, you’ll find sober meet-up groups and workshops.

Connecting with people that are like-minded will strengthen your ability to remain sober, provide a support group, and give you a group of people to share the experience with and have a brilliant festival.